About me.

Art has always been an important part of my life it helped me to grow and develop into the person I am today. It was my personal experience which inspired me to pursue a career within the arts industry; in particular art therapy.

To achieve my goals I focused my studies directly on art. Following GCSE's I did a two year National diploma in art and design. This led to a one year foundation degree in art and design which secured me a place at university where I am currently in my final year of my BA fine art degree.


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Upcoming projects

Follow upcoming projects to see who I am working with and what I am working on, from solo projects and future exhibitions to community projects and commisions.

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Interested in my studies, artistic thoughts and inspiration ? My blog will follow my final year at university as well as the theory behind my external projects.

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Take a look at the gallery to see what I've been working on in my own studio. As well as extra photos  and behind the scenes from my projects.

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Feeling inquisitive about old projects or looking for inspiration for your own, take a look through my portfolio.

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